I Still Do

I loved you
even when you
ripped my skin apart with words

I cared for you
even when you stabbed my eyes
by reality’s harshness

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The so-called “Perfect” Wedding

Note: This is purely my opinion. I don’t hate the couple in fact, I congratulate them and wish them total happiness. Photos are obviously not mine, LOL. Grabbed them from several sites such as: facebook, niceprintphotgraphy, GMA, alloyentertainment, and polyvore.

December 30, 2014. A perfectly normal day for nonshowbiz people like yours truly. Probably most of the people like my neighborhood, the whole country or even other parts of the globe are busy shopping and preparing their homes for New Year’s Eve celebration. But for showbiz royalties, particularly Marian Gracia and Jose Sixto Dantes III, popularly known as Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, respectively; it is the most magical day of their lives.

Featured image

The couple tied the knot on that fateful day in the most luxurious, extravagant and well, romantic fashion ever (or at least of the year or might even decade). The bride looked gorgeous wearing a Michael Cinco creation, reported to have cost P 2 million (!!!) she also wore a mother pearl crown specifically made for her also by Cinco, the groom looked dapper in a Randy Ortiz tux. The Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao, Quezon City was generously adorned with beautiful white flowers and tiny, sparkling blue lights. The place looked almost like it was an Oscars event. Complete with red carpet, metal barriers for the crowd, press and celebrities (well, the last two were sorta predictable, dont you think? LOL).The Spanish-themed wedding, officiated by 8 bishops and 7 priests, was then followed by a grand reception at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena serving an estimated 1,200 guests. The place looked exquisite and marvelous in red and a dash of violet. Thousands of flowers that flooded the place and what seemed like chandeliers made up of capiz shells made the reception looked so dreamy but the one thing that stood out in their reception is the 12-ft tall, Swarovski-studded, 3D-mapped wedding cake reported to have cost P 7 million (omfg) but reports say that it was a gift from Goldilocks to the couple since Dingdong is an endorser.

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