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“Your lungs are fine, but -”

My lungs are fine, the doctor said but I somehow forgot how to breathe when she mentioned the word ‘but.’ I was hospitalized for days because of fever and a recurring cough which made me also miss my fifth grade recognition. They were checking for pneumonia through an x-ray but what they found was something else. That March of 2008 permanently made a curve in my life – literally and changed it forever.

“Your lungs are fine, but you have scoliosis.” Scoliosis. The word was foreign to me back then but I welcomed the diagnosis with familiarity as if it were an old friend. As if my mind already knew that it had been there for years and it just finally had a name now. Or maybe it helped that I was staring at an x-ray. My x-ray. My x-ray which seemed to have a letter S for a spine instead of the normal straight line.

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Here’s Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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You’re single because: You have a savior complex and keep going for wounded people who can’t properly love you back.

You’ll get into a relationship when: You’re finally attracted to someone who has his or her shit together and doesn’t need to be bullied into a relationship.


You’re single because: You’re having way too much fun sleeping around.

You’ll get into a relationship when: You start feeling bad about how long your ISFJ hookup has been doing your laundry for you, at which point you’ll finally ask them out.


You’re single because: You have impossibly high standards and you’d probably just marry yourself if it were legal.

You’ll get into a relationship when: You decide that it is practical to do so, at which point you will assess potential suitors for mate value and propose to the most logical subject.


You’re single because: You smothered the…

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20 Things I Learned The Year I Turned 18

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1. Take ‘love’ out of your daily vocabulary. You do not ‘love’ a television show; you really like it and you think it’s great.

2. Smile and laugh only if necessary. They can’t break you if they think you’re already broken.

3. Talk less and observe more.

4. Spend less time with people and enjoy your own company. Sometimes they only hang with you because they want to be nice.

5. Don’t act surprised or mad when someone disappoints you. They don’t owe it to you to live up to your expectations.

6. Don’t speak if you’re only going to say something negative. Be mysterious but not pessimistic.

7. Donate things. Donate half of your bookshelf and drawers. You won’t only be helping others, but you’ll be making room for new and better things. Donate half of your closet, especially the ones he touched because you don’t need his memory…

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16 Ways Children Of Divorce Love Differently

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1. We love cautiously. We’ve seen heartbreak and not just in our own lives. We take commitments seriously, which is why we don’t make them often.

2. We believe in big love because we know it was at the root of our parents’ marriage, before it imploded. We believe in run-away-together kind of love stories, because we heard those stories first hand.

3. But we’re also pretty sure big love ends in shambles. We’ve never seen otherwise. Whenever we’ve seen passion and fire, we’ve also seen the wreckage it leaves behind.

4. We optimistically believe that no love ever dies. We were told that “deep down” our parents still loved each other, even as one of them was moving out of the house. We wanted to believe that would always be true. That’s why when we break up with someone, whether it’s a significant other or a friend, we still…

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A Letter To The Person Who Didn’t Give Me The Love That I Deserve

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I will not fall for you all at once. No, I will fall for you gradually—falling for the little things. Like the way you laugh mid kiss sometimes, and look at me like you can’t believe what is happening. Or the way you reach over in your still sleep-fogged state and pull me close to you as if you cannot keep me close enough. Or simply the way you look at me when we laugh; laughing with you is my favorite. It’s like looking directly into your core and seeing how truly vulnerable you can be; laughing with me yet hoping I won’t break your heart. But what you don’t know is that I could never break your heart, because it is the most beautiful thing about you.

I remember the day you asked me my top pet peeves before listing yours. You said these were your only deal…

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